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Katie Reget

Katie Reget left a positive review 3/19/2019

Great opportunity to talk with the CFO and learn more about the greater picture of the university. As a university budget manager it was great to see what is happening in the near and far future for less of a surprise with my work!

Norma Hidalgo

Norma Hidalgo left a review 3/19/2019

Personally, I would have like a visual presentation with handouts to take notes, but overall, Jeff Bethke was well prepared to answer any questions. I was disappointed that the Retirement Incentive is only offered to employees 62 years of age, with 10 years of service, whereas the HR policy states that a staff member qualifies for retirement at 55 years of age with 20 years of service, and that staff cannot returned to DePaul after a year off, whereas a Faculty can return. That sends a message to staff who are the administrative supporters that hold the university together, not valued like Faculty are.

Laura Aranda

Laura Aranda left a positive review 9/18/2018

Great speeches and discussions, although it would have been good to have a member of the actual community we were discussing come speak about their experience.

Enrique Mendoza

Enrique Mendoza left a positive review 9/18/2018

Both presenters were great! Very informative and great discussion on immigration issues.

Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad

Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad left a review 1/19/2017

Interesting and appropriate for opening dialogue concerning the topic.

Alejandro Trevino

Alejandro Trevino posted a photo 1/12/2017

Hector Carbajal

Hector Carbajal left a positive review 4/28/2016

The speakers were marvelous! I appreciated that they interacted with the audience and were eager to learn from the audience's questions. Please invite more speakers like these to DePaul in the future. Thank you!

Naomi Leighton

Naomi Leighton left a positive review 4/1/2016

Rebecca Solnit spoke clearly about Climate Chaos and how we can address it. I particularly enjoyed the asides and the quote from Bill McKibbon: Stop being an individual! (In working to protect the environment)

Tiffany McPherson

Tiffany McPherson left a positive review 1/20/2016

I loved it!

Elizabeth Marino

Elizabeth Marino left a positive review 10/6/2015

I am sure it was wonderful. Very much looking forward to this, but had a last minute home emergency.

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