Teresa Okure, SHCJ: "Jesus' Perspective on Ecumenism and the World Church"

Friday, April 28 at 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Student Center (Lincoln Park), 314B 2250 N Sheffield Ave

Sr. Teresa Okure, SHCJ, of the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA) in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, gives the opening keynote for the World Catholicism Week conference, "Gathered in My Name: Ecumenism in the World Church."

A Nigerian and member of the Ibibio tribe, Sr. Okure is professor of Scripture and Gender Hermeneutics at CIWA and a founding member of the institute. She also is a member of Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC III)—and the sole representative of Catholic Africa on this commission dedicated to interfaith dialogue. (For more biographical information, please click here to visit the 2017 Speakers page of the conference website.)

The full title of Sr. Okure's keynote presentation is "I Am With You Always (Matthew 28:20): Jesus' Perspective on Ecumenism and the World Church." In this talk, she takes a close look at “ecumenism and the world church” from the perspective of Jesus who alone builds his church (Matt 16:16). Is “ecumenism” in the world church related to “Christian unity” for which Christ prayed, died, and rose from the dead, and which he bequeathed to his followers of all times (his world church) as his last will and testament? Though this reflection uses the great commission in Matthew as its entry point, its scope is Jesus’ view on the question of “ecumenism and the world church” as found in our primary biblical—especially Gospel and New Testament—sources (jubilee return to the ancestral land). Its ultimate aim is to gain insight that can motivate and move Christians together to rediscover and embrace that authenticity which Christ bequeathed to them as God’s church.

** For more information about this conference, please visit http://worldcathweek.depaul.edu **

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