Math Department Colloquium

Friday, September 22 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Levan Center, 201 2322 N Kenmore Ave

Sara Billey (University of Washington)

Title: Reduced words and a formula of Macdonald

Abstract: Macdonald gave a remarkable formula connecting a weighted sum of reduced words for a permutation with the number of terms in a Schubert polynomial.  We will review some of the fascinating results on the set of reduced words in order to put our main results in context. Then we will discuss a new bijective proof  of Macdonald's formula based on Little's bumping algorithm.  

We will also discuss some generalizations of this formula based on work of Fomin, Kirillov, Stanely and Wachs. This project extends earlier work by Benjamin Young on a Markov process for reduced words of the longest permutation.

This is joint work with Ben Young and Alexander Holroyd.  

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College of Science and Health, Mathematical Sciences


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