The Church & Popular Culture (WQ course)

Monday, March 17, 2014 at 9:40am to 11:10am

Arts and Letters Hall 2315 N Kenmore Ave

What do "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," Lady Gaga and Jesus have in common?

This course, offered at DePaul University in the Winter Quarter, will explore pop culture through the lens of Catholic theology. It will demonstrate how pop culture is more than a system of distributing goods and services, but also a way of forming human persons, and ultimately worshippers of different gods.

The course will use the theology of St. Augustine as the basis of looking at areas such as advertising, fashion, music and movies. These will become case studies to explore the ways in which the spiritual dimension of the human person has become affirmed and yet commodified as a product. In addition, the course will analyze how the kinds of persons as depicted in the Christian tradition are either affirmed or distorted in pop culture.

Course Code:
CTH 389

Dr. Matthew Tan
Visiting Assistant Professor in DePaul Catholic Studies

Mon. & Wed. classes (90 min. each) during the Winter Quarter

Beginning Monday, January 6

Schedule of Potential Topics to be Covered:
1. What is Pop Culture & Why Does it Matter?
2. Zombies, Vampires & Faith
3. Spirituality of the Mall & Nightclub
4. Pop Culture as Worship
5. Religion as a Consumer Product
6. TV & Movies as Theological Texts
7. Cyberculture & Christianity
8. Moving the Body of Christ in Pop Culture

For more details, please contact Dr. Matthew Tan at (and scan the QR code below).


Catholic Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

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Info on CTH 389, "The Church & Popular Culture" Info on CTH 389, "The Church & Popular Culture"

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