Visiting Artist Series - Jonathan Wolff

1 hour of CLE credit will be available. Lunch will be provided.


Acclaimed musician/composer/songwriter Jonathan Wolff created the music for 75 primetime network TV series, as well as the themes for 44 of those series - including Seinfeld and Will & Grace.

  • In this storytelling lecture, Wolff shares his musical journey including:
  • Hollywood Insider “behind-the-scenes” accounts
  • Business dealings
  • Career details which also included recording with 100s of music artists (not hyperbole)
  • Participation in court proceedings and arbitrations related to TV music broadcast licenses and royalty collections
  • Contractual issues with video of themes and scenes

Jonathan Wolff will offer practical music business model do's-and-don'ts, along with real world entrepreneurial career need-to-know and how-to-get-hired advice. ("You don't land 75 steady TV composing gigs by just being good at music.")

Wolff credits much of his financial success to his lawyer/friend/genie, Steve Winogradsky. Though sometimes overlooked, the composer-attorney relationship is an essential creative and business partnership. In this lecture, Wolff provides the composer’s view of it.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

DePaul Center (DPC), 8005
1 E Jackson Blvd

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