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Quiz the Media - A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Journalism Today

Quiz the Media - A Behind-the-Scenes Look at... 5pm 4/16

International/Cultural Activities, Lectures & Discussions / College of Communication, (All) College of Communication

In the Quiz the Media event, teams of students from journalism and media schools will pose questions to a range of media professionals about what constitutes...

SNL: H1G Spanish Language Conversation

SNL: H1G Spanish Language Conversation 4:30pm 4/25

Lectures & Discussions / School for New Learning

Calling all SNL students! Do you speak Spanish? Do you need to fulfill your H1G Competence? Then join your classmates for an informal Spanish language...

Joss Whedon: A Celebration

Joss Whedon: A Celebration 9am 5/3

Lectures & Discussions, Movies / College of Communication, Media and Cinema, (All) College of Communication

Join us at DePaul University for a day to celebration the work of Joss Whedon! Through smart discussion with guest speakers, screenings of key works, and fan...

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Mayra Pina

Mayra Pina left a positive review 2/24/2014

It was interesting to hear Luis Maira's perspective on the "No" campaign. It was very eye opening

Iva Yovcheva

Iva Yovcheva left a positive review 10/18/2013

It was very beneficial. The networking gave me possibility to meet new, interesting people.

Theresa Stueber

Theresa Stueber left a positive review 8/15/2013

I attended last Thursday’s “Boot Camp” and was relieved/elated to first meet others who too were in the same “boat” as I, and struggling to narrow their research.

Both Kenya and Pat were open for discussion and guidance - this was valuable class time of AP structure, ideas (samples of other students completed papers) etc.
I believe Kenya stated to the class on Thursday that of the students enrolled in AP the success rate (completion of paper) is only about 60%. WOW, a bit alarming knowing that 100% who enroll in Advanced Project have already completed all other competencies with the exception of Summit Seminar. A measure that these students are capable of managing their academic path and completing AP but why 40% who do not complete.

Early on in my path at DePaul, the Library was introduced as a valuable resource for empirical data and citation guidelines as well as taking advantage of the opportunities at the Writing Center. . Many students know right out of the “gate” what their focus content will encompass and hit the finish line without any major delays. However, other students, maybe to the 40% who don’t finish, need some additional face-to-face structured class time of examples of other completed papers, and guidance of staying focused when review of literature can often lead research other directions.

I feel this Boot Camp is just as valuable and should be incorporated as part of a class time at the beginning of a session/quarter (and throughout the year as needed) similar to that of the Library and the Writing Center introductions.

Katie Vincent Booth

Katie Vincent Booth left a positive review 5/4/2013

What a wonderful celebration! I really had a great time!

Lisa Rothman

Lisa Rothman left a positive review 5/4/2013

It was amazing

David Brand

David Brand left a positive review 1/28/2013

I really enjoyed the class very much!! Thank you!

Derek Niedringhaus

Derek Niedringhaus left a positive review 1/10/2012

Crazy awesome!

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