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The Richardson Library is located on the Lincoln Park Campus and includes several venues for events including:




Upcoming Events

First Year Academic Success (FYAS) Math Tutoring

First Year Academic Success (FYAS) Math Tutoring 7/2 11:30am

Library, Learning Commons

Tutoring for students enrolled in First Year Academic Success (FYAS) math courses.

Staff Study

Staff Study 7/2 11:30am

Room 400

Group Counseling

Group Counseling 7/5 1:00pm

Room 403

Cities Project All-Team Meeting

Cities Project All-Team Meeting 7/6 11:00am

Room 400

Cities Project Break-Out

Cities Project Break-Out 7/6 11:30am

Room 403

Recent Events

Staff Study 7/1/2015

OMSS Staff Meeting 6/30/2015

Recent Activity

James Neisen

James Neisen left a positive review 5/28/2015

I thought it was a nice review, and I liked how the presenter answered any specific questions I had, and seemed to genuinely care that his presentation had been useful.

John Milton

John Milton left a positive review 5/19/2015

This presentation added much to my understanding of the topic. As a physicist with an interest in the science-religion interface, I have thought mostly of this issue in terms of the fall of the Fall connected to an acceptance of evolution as a fact. I have especially found the writings of John Haught, Denis Edwards, Ilia Deleo, Elizabeth Johnson to be helful. And most to the point of Dr. Cavanaugh's presentation I found "Chirtianity in Evolution" by Jack Mahoney to be quite enlightening. But the political history gave me another perspective. Is it possible that Catholic Studies could bring John Haught to campus for a presentation?

Betty Ann McNeil

Betty Ann McNeil left a positive review 5/18/2015

One of the top DRMA lectures to date.

Edgar Flores

Edgar Flores left a positive review 1/27/2015

Great informational about M.E.Ch.A De DePaul and what their plans are for this year!

Mary Amico

Mary Amico posted a photo 9/18/2014

Linda Graf

Linda Graf left a positive review 2/19/2013

A wonderful presentation on the History of the Daughters of Charity in Healthcare! I had no idea what pioneering feminists they were!! I can't wait to share this with faculty, students, and staff.

Linda Graf

Linda Graf left a positive review 2/17/2014

A most enlightening presentation about the history of the Vincentian Mission in Healthcare! I learned so much-I can't wait to share this with other faculty and students and staff!!

Scott Kelley

Scott Kelley left a positive review 5/10/2012

Loved it.

Scott Kelley

Scott Kelley left a positive review 5/15/2012

Loved it.

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