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Cabaret Auditions!


Cabaret Auditions!


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Yesenia Macias

Yesenia Macias left a positive review 5/29/2019

Loved the variety of food for breakfast

Cary Cline

Cary Cline left a positive review 5/29/2019

This is a great annual event where everyone (students, faculty, staff) can meet. Food was great!

Shene'e Howell

Shene'e Howell left a positive review 10/21/2018

The 103 Writing Group is a dynamic place to feel comfortable at any level of writing skill set. The young ladies, Zoe and Elizabeth offer a bright, cordial and intelligent level of comfort to help other students identify their strengths and proposals to work on weaknesses. I am very glad I attended the session.

Madeline Petschow

Madeline Petschow left a positive review 2/14/2018

Really informative and interesting. Made it easy to understand for someone who didn't have much experience with DACA or the history department.

Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad

Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad left a positive review 11/1/2017

Informative and enlightening; the conversation opened some avoided topics concerning the media and relations to North Korea.

Danielle Blackwell

Danielle Blackwell left a positive review 9/13/2016

Great opportunity! I am new to the Lincoln Park campus and this gave me the chance to meet and talk with some Students, Professional staff and Faculty. Additionally the ice cream was amazing.

Nicolas Hobson

Nicolas Hobson left a positive review 5/22/2012


Nicolas Hobson

Nicolas Hobson left a positive review 5/29/2012


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