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Karina Esparza

Karina Esparza left a positive review 5/15/2017

Awesome lecture! The information was excellent and the speaker very knowledgeable.

Thomas Arends

Thomas Arends left a positive review 4/24/2017

Excellent Event. President address was very insightful... Students contributions great

Fashawn Jones

Fashawn Jones left a positive review 4/18/2017

I loved the event. Sister Helen has a wonderful personality and great insight to the realization of social justice issues that plague our society. I would love to hear her speak again some day!

Barbara Sims

Barbara Sims left a positive review 1/16/2017

It was a great experience and the program participants did an excellence job performing. And lastly the buffet style breakfast was very good. It was good to sit with strangers and share memories over a great breakfast. I am looking forward to next years event.

Fashawn Jones

Fashawn Jones left a positive review 10/4/2016

What a wonderful experience learning about the Latino/Latina culture and how they strived for social justice.

Betty Ann McNeil

Betty Ann McNeil left a positive review 9/18/2016

Excellent presentation. Much to ponder and discuss. Gained new insights. Thank you for inviting Dr. Dyson to DePaul!

Kendall Sprinkle-Smith

Kendall Sprinkle-Smith left a positive review 9/18/2016

He was a phenomenal speaker and listener both at the brunch and during the talk. More speaker like him should be included in the series.

Darryl Arrington

Darryl Arrington left a positive review 9/18/2016

Excellent!!!! Dr. Dyson provided a balanced perspective and set the tone for the DePaul community to continue the conversation.

Elsa Saeta

Elsa Saeta posted a photo 2/15/2016

Francisco Celis Yanez

Francisco Celis Yanez left a positive review 1/18/2016

THe event was filled with enthusiasm, enpowerment, and enmity for the people of Depaul University.

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