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BUILD Diversity Certificate: Information Session #4

BUILD Diversity Certificate: Information... 10/4 3:30pm

Diversity, Inclusion / Office of Diversity

OIDE Invites you to learn more about the BUILD Diversity Certificate! Are you interested in developing diversity competencies and knowledge that you can...

 Celebrations: Dolores Huerta Breakfast

Celebrations: Dolores Huerta Breakfast 10/5 10am

Diversity, Speaker/Presenters / College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Latin American Studies, Centers and Institutes, Center for Latino Research

Join the DePaul community for this annual gathering honoring the life and legacy of activist Dolores Huerta and celebrating the culture and heritage of...

Re-Humanizing Black Lives--Know Your Rights Part 2, Workshop : "Voting Processes and Procedures", co-organized with ALPHA PHI ALPHA Fraternity.

Re-Humanizing Black Lives--Know Your Rights... 10/6 1pm

Diversity, Speaker/Presenters, Inclusion / Centers and Institutes, Center for Black Diaspora

This panel examines historical and continuing obstacles to minority politics from scholarly and practical perspectives. Topics will include voter...

Paths to the Future: International Studies Fall Conference

Paths to the Future: International Studies Fall... 10/7 12:30pm

Workshops & Conferences, Speaker/Presenters / College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, International Studies

The image of a path evokes a sense of purpose, a method of marking progress, and a hint of the companionship of fellow travelers. However, our experiences of...

Lunch with Vincent

Lunch with Vincent 10/11 11:30am

Speaker/Presenters / Mission and Values, Student Affairs, University Ministry

A quarterly lunch dialogue program designed to foster reflection and conversation on Vincentian spirituality and its application to our life and work, while...

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Stephen Fabian

Stephen Fabian left a positive review 9/26/2016

Very good, though, it should have required DePaul staff to attend as many are not truly acquainted with St Vincent de Paul and his works and history. Result of DePaul staff not attending, especially the non-catholics, is less humanity and identification of all students and their needs.

Betty Ann McNeil

Betty Ann McNeil left a positive review 9/18/2016

Excellent presentation. Much to ponder and discuss. Gained new insights. Thank you for inviting Dr. Dyson to DePaul!

Kendall Sprinkle-Smith

Kendall Sprinkle-Smith left a positive review 9/18/2016

He was a phenomenal speaker and listener both at the brunch and during the talk. More speaker like him should be included in the series.

Darryl Arrington

Darryl Arrington left a positive review 9/18/2016

Excellent!!!! Dr. Dyson provided a balanced perspective and set the tone for the DePaul community to continue the conversation.

Elsa Saeta

Elsa Saeta posted a photo 2/15/2016

Francisco Celis Yanez

Francisco Celis Yanez left a positive review 1/18/2016

THe event was filled with enthusiasm, enpowerment, and enmity for the people of Depaul University.

Caron Thomas

Caron Thomas left a positive review 1/18/2016

It was amazing. I am glad I took advantage of the opportunity and attended.

Miranda Standberry-Wallace

Miranda Standberry-Wallace left a positive review 11/4/2015

Kudos to DWN leadership team and sponsors for a great event!

Addie Miles

Addie Miles left a positive review 10/27/2015

The event was very educationally and professionally energizing. The social justice response in education today is the way to go.

Marilyn Ferdinand

Marilyn Ferdinand left a positive review 10/4/2015

Very informative and diversified approach to sustainability. Clear discussion of Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment. Great speakers.

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