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Adult Student Week: Bystander Training

Adult Student Week: Bystander Training 11/4 2:00pm

Lectures & Discussions / Student Affairs, Adult Student Affairs, Dean of Students Office

Adult students have multifaceted lives which can increase the likelihood of witnessing violence or other problems. How can you be part of the the solution! ...

The Scholar's Improv

The Scholar's Improv 11/5 7:00pm

Centers and Institutes, International/Cultural Activities, Lectures & Discussions, Music, Student Organizations, Theatre, University-wide Events, Open to the Public / Centers and Institutes, Depaul Humanities Center

Five DePaul professors and a troupe of professional comedians from Second City go toe-to-toe, as the comedians perform improv and the professors are...


Hug-A-Veteran 11/6 9:00am

University-wide Events / Student Affairs, Office of Veterans Affairs

Show your support for our student Veterans! Handshakes, High-fives, and Fist Bumps are encouraged. Hosted by DePaul's Office of Veterans Affairs and...

Adult Student Week: Children's Play Day

Adult Student Week: Children's Play Day 11/7 1:00pm

Reception / Student Affairs, Adult Student Affairs

Students with Children are invited to bring their children to campus for this play-day time. Your children can interact with other “little demons,” and the...

Beaking the Barriers Which Bind Us:Spiritual Practice and Political Problems

Beaking the Barriers Which Bind Us:Spiritual... 11/9 2:30pm

Lectures & Discussions / College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Religious Studies

Sponsored by DePaul University Center for Interreligious Engagement, co-sponsored by Chicago Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Ancient Dragon Zen Gate, and Lakeside...

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Lourdes Sullivan

Lourdes Sullivan left a positive review 4/29/2014

Wonderful opportunity to hear from an inspiring activist around an important issue!

Christina Rivers

Christina Rivers left a positive review 2/27/2014

The workshop was very helpful, as are the materials posted on line. However, its title was a bit misleading, as the session focussed more on prevention than response.

I also think it would have helped to have a member of the Univ. Integrity Board as a presenter. We were fortunate to have a former member in the group, but would have been nice to have more structured inclusion of a board member.

It also might help to have breakouts or discussion of the big differences between disciplines.

But again, overall, it was quite helpful, between "great" and "meh".

Maria Herrera

Maria Herrera left a positive review 12/11/2013

I was wonderful to feel that our beliefs are acknowledged. The mass in Spanish was special, the food delicious, and the people were so welcoming and friendly. I truly felt I was at home with family.

Aris Lampridis

Aris Lampridis left a negative review 12/5/2013

I'll definitely leave a comment.. Someone should have clearly state on your event that you we had to donate in advance in order to get inside. And not sending invitations, emails and all those stuff to us up to the last moment, make us dress up, take trains, walk in 10 degrees cold to find out that the tickets had been given a week ago and we cannot get in.. HORRIBLE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, ANYONE WOULD HAVE DONATE FOR THE POOR..

Alejandro Magana

Alejandro Magana left a positive review 8/6/2013

Excellent session. It taught me to look at the language and practices we use when recruiting students for leadership positions. Skills that I may apply in the future.

Edgar Loredo

Edgar Loredo left a negative review 6/17/2013

I am an SNL student who recently lost my job and thought this could be a great way to find leads. Not the case, this was mainly entry level opportunities. Not the best event for me.

Alejandro Magana

Alejandro Magana left a positive review 10/23/2012

Presenter did a great job at defining what his terms meant and shared stories that made this work very real to me. His international perspective was very interesting, it raises more questions about the method we use to approach or homeless populaitons in the US.

Cheryl Hover

Cheryl Hover left a positive review 9/24/2012

Lots of great information!

Nicolas Hobson

Nicolas Hobson left a positive review 5/29/2012


Derek Niedringhaus

Derek Niedringhaus left a review 3/1/2012


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