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DeHUB Event

Closed to sisters for handling sorority business. --- Event Details:

10/25 8:30pm
STEM Career Search for CSH Graduates

In this session we will talk about what individual faculty and staff do to help our students get ready for the STEM jobs of the future. All DePaul faculty...

10/26 9am
Issues and Opportunities for Introductory Sequences in Science and Math

Join us to learn about how CSH Departments are re-imagining introductory science and math courses and engage with Dr. Labov in a conversation about future...

10/26 10am
Defining Success in Introductory Sequences in Math and Science

We all want our students to be successful, but there are many different views among students, faculty and administrators about what success means. Come join...

10/26 11:30am
DeHUB Event

This is an 8-week program where students can explore the relationship to self and others and deepening the sense of belonging to the DePaul community. This...

10/26 12pm

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Margaret Marnell

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Margaret Marnell

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Info on CTH 389, "The Church & Popular Culture" Info on CTH 389, "The Church & Popular Culture"

Arts and Letters Hall

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