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When Tenants Take a Fall:   The Adaptive Reuse of Vacant or Underperforming Real Estate

The dramatic changes in the way consumers shop, live and office, including the spectacular growth in online shopping and the rising sophistication of all...

1/26 9am
Making David into Goliath: Has the Left Betrayed its Commitment to Human Rights and if so, What is to be Done About it?

Featuring: Dr. Joshua Muravchik. Author Muravchik is a renowned international affairs expert. Currently a Distinguished Fellow at the World Affairs...

2/6 11:45am
Find a Rewarding Career in Commercial Real Estate: DePaul Alumni Share Journeys to Success

Presented in partnership with the Real Estate Center at DePaul University, the DePaul Real Estate Alumni Alliance (DREAA) and The Goldie Initiative, this...

2/21 12pm
The Criminalization of Our Neighbors, the Chicago Police: Burge, Domestic Torture, & Justice

This event is a part of the 2017-2018 University Diversity Series. Please join us for a panel presentation on domestic torture in Chicago. Partnered with...

2/27 5:30pm
The Intersection of Traumatic Brain Injury and Domestic Violence

Even in 2018, domestic violence continues to be an ongoing social epidemic linked to chronic mental, emotional, and physical health problems. Survivors...

2/28 8:30am

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Thomas Arends

Thomas Arends left a positive review 3/22/2017

Very good networking event.

Thomas Arends

Thomas Arends left a positive review 3/23/2017

Very good networking event

Tawanna Barton

Tawanna Barton left a positive review 1/29/2016

Danny was great! I was disappointing that the dean did not show again!

Rose Spalding

Rose Spalding left a positive review 1/28/2016

Good to get started. Could we get a list of participants (all who have indicated interest) and of spring events with days and times confirmed? Thanks!

John McCarron

John McCarron left a positive review 1/28/2016

Very rewarding. Needs 3 to 4 more participants.

Mostafa Ahmed Hamed Radwan

Mostafa Ahmed Hamed Radwan left a positive review 8/5/2015

It was brief and to the point. Many thanks to Amber for giving this great Info Session

Andrea Hibbler

Andrea Hibbler left a positive review 6/5/2015

This presentation was fantastic! Thank you for the tips on how we can turn our stresses into a positive depending on how we view the situation. I was not aware of the statistics of Children taking longer to leave home which is now up to age 34. This information has provided me with a better understanding about my younger child's reluctance to get out on her own even though she's twenty. Thanks again. I will be in touch because I would like to ask you to present at one of my upcoming entrepreneur and B2B events.

Michelle Finnigan

Michelle Finnigan left a positive review 9/22/2014

Thought that Mary Williamson was targeted on how to focus on target companies and specific roles. Great advice and a very worthwhile event.

DePaul Mol

DePaul Mol left a positive review 9/22/2014

The breakfast with alumni was good. I met new people and discussed career opportunities. The only thing that I didn't like was that the speaker didn't say much about hot career areas. However, she gave good recommendations concerning resume and social media presence. I'd definitely attend another events and maybe find a mentor within a program!

Alesia Howard

Alesia Howard left a review 6/11/2014

Thought it was about networking but many professionals weren't as interested in talking to students who already have jobs. Understandable.

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