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Join Bruce Leech, Executive Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center (CEC), as he shares his entrepreneurial journey with all of us! Do you have a...

2/15 4:30pm

In partnership with Loughborough University, students can attend sessions around the world and also meet local ecosystem partners. DePaul students can...

3/9 1pm

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Kathryn Sullivan left a positive review 2/5/2020

Very informative, a lot covered. A good, fast pace, I liked how things moved along quickly. The instructor answered questions well, and gave a lot of demonstrations.

Sean Montgomery left a positive review 10/27/2019

This was an informative event that I learned a lot at.

Alicia Pope posted a photo 10/9/2019

Andrew Cruz left a positive review 9/17/2019

Great! I wish I had more time or at least wasn't rushed to get to Meet the Firms.

Sandra Tanksley left a positive review 5/22/2019

It is always a great time when the staff meet with the President. The prepared questions helped drive the conversation. The questions and answer session was so personal and personal.

Stephanie A. Wynn posted a photo 1/1/2019

Author Stephanie A. Wynn Author Stephanie A. Wynn

Chia-Ning Kuo posted a photo 10/26/2018

Stephanie Willis posted a photo 7/30/2013

Stephanie and Kenny at the DePaul Men's Basketball game. Stephanie and Kenny at the DePaul Men's Basketball game.

Sarah Van Nostrand posted a photo 4/9/2013

Sarah Van Nostrand posted a photo 4/9/2013

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