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Please join us for the next Research Meet & Greet, featuring a presentation on Microbes and Murder by Ted Anton. The Research Meet and Greet series is an opportunity for DePaul University faculty and staff to share and learn about research and creative projects going on across the university. Each event will include invited presentations and less formal, open mic style lightning talks.

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Coffee and refreshments to follow.

3:30-4:00 Featured Speaker
4:00-4:45 Lightning Talks
4:45-5:30 Research Reception

Microbes and Murder
For much of my career I have written popular science books arguing that research stories can make literary art exploring the key issues of our time. Now I am seeking to combine the material of my latest book Planet of Microbes, with that of my first book, the true story of an unsolved murder of a divinity professor at the University of Chicago, into a thriller. This talk shares the latest from this new project, Star Drive, about a biotech gone wrong, and some of the influences of writers like Richard Powers, Ann Patchett, and new steampunk writers taking ecological concerns and the science-based thriller to new levels.

Lightning Talks

Jim Fairhall from the Department of English will talk about his book “Perfume River,” a book-length fictional short story cycle revolving around the period of the Vietnam War and subsequent decades. Dr. Fairhall will talk about the challenges writing fiction that is embedded in historical events that the characters, living through those events, don’t fully understand.

Randall Honold from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences’ Dean’s Office will present his collaborative project “Photographing Objects.” As part of his presentation, Honold will showcase several images from his collection of photographs that he has taken over the past decade and discuss his ideas about their intention and meaning.

Carol Hughes from the Office of Public Relations and Communications will provide tips on getting good or any press for your research.

Caitlin Karver from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry will be discussing the work done by her research group who studies inflammation at a chemical level. They have been developing chemical tools to study proteins called inflammatory caspases that are implicated in diseases such as gout, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and sepsis.

Elizabeth Millán from the Department of Philosophy will present on Alexander von Humboldt’s presentation of nature in particular how Humboldt’s view of the Latin American landscape was distinct from typical Eurocentric views of the period.

Molly Seeley from the Office of the President will talk about the Institute of Global Homelessness, a partnership between DePaul University in Chicago and Depaul International, a London-based organization that provides direct services and advocacy for homeless people in the UK, Ireland, Ukraine, Slovakia, USA, and France. The Institute of Global Homelessness (IGH) supports an emerging global movement to end street homelessness. As a first step toward achieving this goal, the organization is working with key global strategic partners to eradicate street homelessness in 150 cities around the world by 2030.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Loop Library, Collaboratory DePaul Center, 10th Floor

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