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Christopher Parker

Christopher Parker left a positive review 10/3/2018

The upfront financial statement was appreciated, but I wonder if, on balance, it might have been better to show more explicitly where the cuts (layoffs, early retirements, operating budgets) were made, and what we are left with for the coming year.

I particularly liked the frank explanation of income vs expenditures in relation to enrollment, endowment growth and donations. However, I would also like to have seen some numbers relating to operating costs for things like the Wintrust Arena, and other facilities, and where projected costs have been exceeded, and where the institution might consider looking for some cost savings - including the costs of cooling/heating (I've experienced and heard many accounts of offices held at temperatures in the low 60s throughout the summer (isn't there's a significant waste & unnecessary expense associated with that?).

Many positive developments were shared, including those related to diversity-related initiatives and achievements, which provide significant support to the school's mission/brand and reputation.

The President's delivery was good and he negotiated all the touchpoints well--coming across as a sensitive, thoughtful and caring leader.

I much preferred the Holtschneider Performance Center to the Wintrust Arena for this event, though on this occasion, I think there was too much 'bass' in the sound. Next time, it might be worth conducting a quick sound test with the auditorium full of people.

Just a quick suggestion--I wonder if it'd be helpful for some of the executives/VPs to introduce themselves on the stage and perhaps give a few words each about what they do, what they're looking forward to doing/being involved in over the forthcoming year. Even they can't tell us everything they know, I think the DePaul community might feel more 'buy-in' if/when they can see whose leading the various initiatives being planned. Clearly there isn't much time for this, but perhaps they could be interspersed in between segments of video & Presidential address.

Valerie Johnson

Valerie Johnson left a negative review 10/3/2018

This event was a total waste of time. There are never avenues to be heard. It was a very controlled event. Very superficial. Esteban is incompetent, a mere figurehead.

Jodi Falk

Jodi Falk left a negative review 10/3/2018

It seems that the presidential events are consistently planned at the most inconvenient days and times for staff and faculty . The entire university is in the midst of midterms!! Again....the President , Cabinet and Board of Trustees appear out of touch and elitist.

Holtschneider Performance Center

Holtschneider Performance Center posted a photo 6/1/2018

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