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Monica Fox

Monica Fox left a positive review 10/29/2019

It was quite informative and as often happens at these events, we learn much from the audience, who shared good information. What seemed to be missing was the concept of thinking globally (which is what the meeting was about) and acting locally. There is much that the students can do by demanding a greener campus from the university. It would serve them to model what Loyola U. has done. It doesn't do much to talk about climate change and sustainability if you aren't walking the walk. Be the change you want to see in the world. Stop selling single use plastics on campus, compost use compostable plates, silverware etc, and get your catering service on board. They work for you. Be the change, don't just talk about it.

Edward Young

Edward Young left a positive review 3/3/2013

Fantastic lecture. Great scholarship in Vincentian Studies.

Ashley Cairo

Ashley Cairo left a positive review 9/24/2019

This was my first time attending an event hosted by the Women's Center and it was absolutely wonderful! I really appreciated hearing from Dr. Kerekere on this vital ongoing societal issue. I learned a lot and look forward to any upcoming programs to continue growing in knowledge!

Yuki Miyamoto

Yuki Miyamoto posted a photo 4/8/2016

Jaime Ochoa

Jaime Ochoa posted a photo 2/8/2016

Mary Amico

Mary Amico posted a photo 9/18/2014

Lagos, Nigeria ~ Our Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church (courtesy of

Library - Richardson Library Lincoln Park Campus posted a photo 11/2/2012

Lagos, Nigeria ~ Our Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church (courtesy of Lagos, Nigeria ~ Our Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic Church (courtesy of

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