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Akram Khan

7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Screening of the film “The Six Seasons” 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. Akram Khan in Conversation with DHC Director, H. Peter Steeves Akram Khan is...

2/25 7pm
Adjunct Faculty Town Hall

Town Hall Panel Discussion

2/28 5pm
FEST Preview

Join us for the first of many #FEST2019 fringe events as we sip mocktails and listen to live music from fellow DePaul student artists and bands.

2/28 6pm
Bearing Wrongs Patiently ~ Challenges & Hopes for the Catholic Church in Contemporary China

6:30pm Reception 7:00pm Presentation Dr. Mary Mee-Yin Yuen (Holy Spirit Seminary College, Hong Kong) gives this fifth talk in CWCIT's Spiritual Works of...

2/28 6:30pm
Lunch with Vincent

A quarterly lunch dialogue program designed to foster reflection and conversation on Vincentian spirituality and its application to our life and work, while...

3/14 11:30am

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Jovana Vajagic

Jovana Vajagic left a negative review 2/12/2019

I left from the event early because the content being presented was offensive sex-work shaming disguised as feminism. I was shocked that DePaul would host a speech that contained blatantly ignorant points of view. The speakers I managed to sit through neglected the extremely important concept of consent as a factor for why pornography exists and why women participate in it. Porn was being compared to police brutality, rape, and violence in general. Women who participate in porn were shamed and feminist porn was a concept lost on the speakers. I hope that for the future this type of rhetoric can be used in a speech about sex slavery, sex trafficking, rape, forms of sex that are not consensual and that DePaul can host an event raising awareness about those issues instead of the ancient issue of porn presented in this event.

Diane Castleman

Diane Castleman left a positive review 2/8/2019

The only thing that went wrong with event, was running out of food early on and having to wait for the arrive of more to feed crowd. Other then that setback this event was great.

Barbara Sims

Barbara Sims left a negative review 2/8/2019

I think it was poorly organized and they ran out of food with almost half of the people still waiting to eat. Some of the performers did a great job. This was my second time going and it was a bio difference. In 2017 it was a great fun filled event.

Diane Castleman

Diane Castleman left a positive review 1/23/2019

Having never attend before, I was very moved by the breakfast and service for Dr. King. This event consist of speakers, presenters, and inclusion performances that lead and discuss the topic and the life of Dr. King with dignity and facts. To know that this one man had change the course of history is simply amazing. Though his legacy lives on, there is more work to be done for him and ourselves.

Janine Kirin

Janine Kirin left a positive review 1/21/2019

I enjoyed it!

Thomas ThomasV

Thomas ThomasV posted a photo 1/22/2019

Hikmah Hikmah

Hikmah Hikmah left a positive review 1/19/2019

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Irene Gonzalez-Hernandez

Irene Gonzalez-Hernandez left a positive review 6/17/2018

Great event! Beautiful and interesting documentary on Mother Cabrini.

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